Epperson Community Website

The first Crystal Lagoon community in the US is coming to Pasco County, and developed by Metro Development Group. Our challenge was to build a website to serve a three-fold purpose.

One: To build excitement.

Two: Keep interested people informed about the communities progress.

Three: Collect leads for the lagoons interest list.

Using the logo as inspiration, we divided the website into three main sections to correspond with the three lines of the logo.

The Lagoon: The first line is the Metro Lagoon by Crystal Lagoon. Basic information about the lagoon as it relates to the new Epperson community. The call to action in this section drives traffic to the Metro Places parent site to collect leads.

The Technology: Epperson is part of a larger set of communities containing ULTRAFi, which is an exclusive amenity that will be a main focus of the community.

The History: With Pasco County’s rich history, Metro Development Group wants to show their commitment to preserving and honoring the history of the Epperson Ranch.

The Website was built to be easily expandable as the community grows and as interest builds through the remainder of 2016 and into 2017.


Metro Places