Inland Homes’ Promotional Event

Objective: To drive traffic and inform realtors of the Inland Homes’ new model within the community Carlisle – Villages of Avalon. The focus was on targeting realtors that might not travel the distance to the community otherwise.

To achieve this, we created an event that would provide transportation to realtors in North Tampa as well involve them in a fun, engaging experience. The premise of this event was based off of the “Cash Cab” game show. Our version of this consisted of having a luxurious party bus pick up the realtors and take them to the communities location in Spring Hill. Throughout the duration of their trip both there and back, the realtors were given the opportunity to answer a variety of questions and awarded cash.

The questions on the way to the community’s location were based off the real estate market in the area while on the return trip, questions were based off information provided throughout the model home visit and the community as a whole. This encouraged realtors to truly explore the community and engage in the model home.

To promote this event, we targeted realtors that were within the North Tampa area along with focusing on larger offices. Once we established an interest list, realtors were called directly in order to introduce the idea and receive email addresses. Then an eBlast was sent out that represented the spirit of the event. Once participants reserved a seat on the “Cash Cab” they were sent an official ticket. 


Inland Homes