Live Sam Overall Marketing Campaign

Our objective was to take an established builder, one which had not undergone a brand refresh in years, and shift their marketing to a new, modern, and attention getting style. This new look should reflect their target market of move-up buyers who are looking for a more luxurious home in the Bradenton and Venice areas.

Sam Rodgers, the owner, is well known in the area, so we created Live Sam as a fresh, creative take on the quality reputation he’s built over the years.

With the Live Sam campaign, we created a parallel between luxurious European brands, lifestyles, and the builder. Just as brands like BMW and Gucci have stood the test of time, so will the style, quality and luxury of your new Sam Rodgers Home.


When the Live Sam campaign started,  it received a lot of local attention. Sam Rodgers’ colleagues and long-time local friends reached out via phone and email to weigh in on his new look. In addition, the positive reaction by potential home buyers to this ad campaign prompted the builder to use it as the foundation for an ongoing buyer promotion, which will continue until the end of the 2016/2017 buying season.


Sam Rodgers Homes