Metro Places Brand Launch

The purpose of this branding/rebranding campaign was to create a public facing brand and a common thread for all of the communities and the lifestyles within. The Metro Places brand was created to represent more than just a single community. Metro Places and their unique set of amenities, “The Elements”, were created to set the standard and to be the foundation upon which all current and future Metro communities will be build.

With that purpose in mind, our challenge was to launch a public-facing brand:

One: To build excitement about The Elements, the communities, and the first-of-their-kind amenities, ULTRAFi and Metro Lagoon

Two: Collect leads for the developer’s interest list

Three: Keep interested people informed about the developer’s progress

This began with the launch of the brand new, which showcases information about “the elements”, the communities, ULTRAFi, and the all new Metro Lagoons. We also moved their community websites into the domain as “subdomains” such as and, to strengthen their connection to the Metro Places brand.

Our next step was to utilize a strategic mix of digital and traditional marketing tactics to promote the new brand. Billboards were placed in high profile locations all over the Tampa Bay area, focusing on highways located near their communities. We also implemented direct calls to action on both the home page and the Lagoons page. In addition, we are  utilizing “exit-intent” and “time on page” pop-up windows to collect more leads for the client.

All of this has led to an overall increase in brand recognition, as seen in a more than 20% increase in Direct web traffic, 437% increase in organic traffic to the website, and a 93.89% increase in mobile traffic. We’ve also gathered more than 3,000 contacts who want to remain informed about the progress of up-and-coming communities!


Metro Places