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who we are

Founded by Kelly Bosetti in 1998 with a handful of clients and zero staff, CEA Marketing has grown to be one of Tampa Bay’s largest and most award-winning agencies. With a strong mix of retail, residential, association and brand clients, CEA has championed the industry’s top talent to provide the full spectrum of today’s most advanced and integrated marketing services. CEA is strategic planning, smart account management, stellar creative, well-honed and precisely efficient media: we expertly play in all the spaces where people spend their time. While you focus on business, we focus on ways to make people excited about you and take action. Ways that get you noticed, talked about, shared. That’s Bright Marketing. That’s CEA At CEA Marketing we don’t waste time or money. We drink a lot of coffee, think smart, work tirelessly and accomplish the goal. Our track record speaks for itself and as a result we’ve earned nearly 20 years of client trust.

our team