At CEA, we follow an inbound marketing philosophy.


What is inbound marketing? In a nutshell, an inbound marketing approach encourages marketing agencies to comb the best elements of classic marketing and sales tactics, integrate them with current trends and technologies, and then help brands shift from a push-out mindset to a pull-in mentality.

In other words, drawing customers in to your brand through unique, creative content is the way to go–not berating them with an overzealous marketing megaphone.

Through inbound marketing, we’re able to help your brand increase leads that will discover your brand value for themselves. In essence, they’ll know what makes your product worth purchasing.

By way of multiple distribution channels that offer the best of today’s large-scale technology–blogs, search engines, ebooks and social media–we aim to get your audience buzzing through a simple, streamlined inbound strategy:

Through our Hubspot partnership, we’re able to attract a larger audience, create more compelling content, convert and close a higher number of customers, and delight those customers long-term through diligent follow ups and active relationship management.

We’re ready to help your brand grow through a strategic inbound marketing approach.

Are you?

Business Development & Planning

Just like video’s pre-production stage, a business partnership’s pre-production stage helps lay the strategy groundwork that ensures smooth sailing moving forward. To see any project through, we chart the collaboration course before taking any action steps.

Research & Analysis

Knowing your target market–and target segments within the market–will dictate how effectively you can locate leads and convert them into customers. As a research-driven group with an analytical lens, we help you identify marketing issues and before providing the proper solutions.

Web Design & Development

From initial wireframing to final coding, we design and develop responsive websites on which your brand can hang its hat–even years down the road. Even with consistent maintenance and support, every site has a shelf life. But what separates a normal, functional site from the rest of the pack? A user experience built to respond and a design built to last.

Media Planning, Buying & Placement

Even beyond its content, many integrated marketing campaigns rely on effective media distribution. Before purchasing and placing TV, radio, and print ad spots, we take the time to position your campaign in your target market’s line of vision.