Keystone Homes is a family-centered home builder based in Georgia and South Carolina. Because Keystone prides itself on quality, a new look and feel was beneficial to keeping their brand quality in tact. Since they were finding it challenging to manage and organize leads, we also stepped in to streamline their processes from initial online engagement to in-person sales.

Strategic Goals

  • Establish a living brand that will lead to increased Keystone Home sales.
  • Improve brand recognition and awareness among local homebuyers.
  • Rework the digital and in-person Keystone customer experience process.

Creative Process

Our goal heading into the project was to make the Keystone Homes brand feel more family-friendly, modern, clean, and appealing to a younger demographic ready to buy a home.

Overall, we revamped the Keystone brand in every sense by providing a full marketing refresh: signage, billboards, flyers and other print design elements were some of the deliverables used to showcase the new Keystone look.

But we didn’t pursue a rebrand campaign just for the heck of it. When we considered the type of brand that would help Keystone grow the right way, the same term kept filling the brainstorming air: staying power.

We wanted to design a brand that was bound to not only last on the shelves, but effectively tell the Keystone story for years to come. Staying power became the compass that guided our rebranding efforts.

The Result

To bring something different to the Georgia & South Carolina homebuying region, we created the identifiable roof icon that rests above the heads of those who are a part of the Keystone family.

Keystone has also enjoyed plenty of home sale success following the rebrand launch. Over the past few months, By easing the relationship between potential homebuyers online and the Keystone sales team, we’ve helped facilitate smooth sailing over the past few months. Re-establishing Keystone’s sales center experience through creative community mapping has also been helped their sales team.

On the digital side, Keystone Homes has received close to 100 qualified leads within a three-month period of running digital marketing services. They’ve also seen exponential growth in website traffic and online inquiries.

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