Top 5 Facebook Contest Types

5 Different Facebook Contests To Leverage!

Facebook Contests

How do you get loyal Facebook followers to start engaging with your page if they don’t even know you’re out there? What is an interesting and eye- opening way to grab their attention?

They WANT to like your brand. They WANT to interact. All they need is an incentive. The best way to recruit new fans, is to collect qualifying emails for your data base and to engage with your existing fan base by running a Facebook contest.

With a vast array of contest types to choose from, you are guaranteed to find the right contest for your page that will allow the maximum amount of interaction.

Let’s quickly go through the top 5 contest types.

1. Voting Contest: With consumer generated content, your fans are now responsible for getting their name out there in order to win. The bigger the prize, the greater the incentive for them to SHARE with their hundreds of followers to up their chance of winning. Let the fans do the sharing for you!

2. Photo Contest: Fans submit their photos for fellow followers (or your company) to choose the best photo. This is an excellent choice to engage your existing fans. Fans will remember their experience more because they are a part of the process.

3. Sweepstakes: Users submit their general information and are instantly entered to win a giveaway. Although not as fun as some contests, the entry process is generally fast, which helps you to convert a higher percentage of participants and get more fans through the process quickly.

4. Quizzes/Personality Test: Quizzes allow users to interact on a personal level whether they are testing their knowledge with trivia or choosing images that best describe their personality. Quizzes generally don’t have the same draw as a photo or fan vote contest, but they can offer a fun experience to the fans you already have. The format offers a positive and memorable user experience and promotes viral reach through Facebook sharing options as participants share their score and challenge their friends.

5. Instant-WIN: Users fill out a form, then play a game that informs them if they are a winner right then and there versus waiting to know like a sweepstakes. This format is a great choice for maximizing the number of participants without your team spending a lot of time and effort on management.

Facebook contests are a necessity in keeping fans interested and interacted on your page. Be sure to not over-do it with constant contests. Keep them intrigued and anticipating the next one. Every other month is a great balance of running a contest, announcing winners and preparing for the next round.

*One last helpful hint for running a Facebook contest is to ALWAYS create corresponding Facebook ads in order to reach out to those consumers who have yet to like your page. An optional “Like Gate” can also be put into action to ensure that you are gaining likes for your page.

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