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Social Media Tools Used By The Pros!

Social Media Tools

Social media is an ever-changing world. Updates are happening left and right. It’s hard to keep up with it all. Get more out of your marketing with social media tools! Fourteen well-known marketing experts were asked for their input on the latest tools they have been using. View their favorites in all things social media. From scheduling to analytics and everything in between; these 14 tools are sure to help you.

#1. Mention. A powerful application that allows you to monitor any keyword in real-time and receive filtered, organized and prioritized information. Simply react on-the-go by replying, retweeting or sharing directly from the platform.

#2. Addvocate. This program makes it easy to track the social voices of your business, foster a sense of community, and empower that community to be heard. Find out who is representing your brand on social media, so you can identify which employees can help spread your message.

#3. Swayy. It’s a platform that drops interesting content into a dashboard where you can scan or read the most interesting articles. The best feature isn’t the fact that the articles are dropped right in front of your nose. The best feature is the sharing.

#4. eGrabber’s Account-Researcher. Built for Sales Reps, this program finds missing emails and phone numbers of prospects when you have only their name and company. It can help you get talking points from news, patents, blogs, press releases and other sources for pre-call prospect research.

#5. Compfight. This one is great for bloggers! Photos are a great way to engage people on your blog and draw them into your post. Compfight searches Flickr’s photos that have the appropriate Creative Commons license for Commercial Use. If you’re blogging regularly but working on a shoestring budget, be sure to give Compfight a try!

#6. Tagboard. A really great new social media tool that monitors keywords (a.k.a. hashtags) across multiple social media channels. Search any word and it will reveal wherever it has been hash-tagged in the social media world.

#7. ManageFlitter. A cool social media tool that will help you get a better handle on effectively managing your Twitter account. This tool will help you: find relevant people to follow and connect with, unfollow inactive accounts, spam accounts, schedule and post tweets at optimal times when your followers are most likely to see your updates, monitor keywords, hashtags, usernames and even websites mentioned on Twitter.

#8. Socialbakers. The simple interface allows you to input a social media channel and gain insights into engagement rates and channel growth, and understand which contributors from your social communities are most active, providing an opportunity to build relationships and enable continued advocacy.

#9. Post Planner. Post Planner is a time saver, enabling you to plan and manage your Facebook content in advance, rather than doing it off the cuff. It also provides real-time analytics on posts, so you immediately see what’s working and not working.

#10. Komfo. This Social Media Marketing Suite helps you understand how social media impacts your bottom line and will help you implement cost effective and automated social media marketing. Features include: Ad Manager, Analytics, Publisher, Monitor and App Library.

#11. Rignite. This tool allows you to monitor several social media platforms—including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube—from one place. You can have forums and chats within the tool, and assign tasks to people on the team. So this works well for teams of 3-6 people who are managing the same accounts.

#12. SocialOomph. SocialOomph lets you load up to 500 unique tweets and the major benefit is that it saves me about 25-30 hours a week, or 100-120 hours per month, of ongoing tweet scheduling!

#13. Zapier. Zapier automatically generates a Google spreadsheet for you that tracks every time a certain keyword is mentioned in Twitter and makes it possible for you to automatically send selected Facebook Posts to your blog.

#14. Mobivity. Reach opted-in consumers with offers and information that result in more sales for you through text messaging.