Week One Recap of the 2013 Social Media Summit Conference

For the past week Brittany (CEA’s newest social media/ events star) and myself have been watching and soaking up all the information we can from the 2013 Social Media Summit Conference. This is a month- long 100% online conference starring the top names in social media knowledge.



For the next few weeks we will recap what these experts have to say! Week one speakers were Jay Baer, Mari Smith and Kim Garst .

Jay lead the discussion of “ How can we do social media better? “ He then went through the various things we “think “ we know about social media and then challenged us to “ re-think”.  He said that social media is about loyalty and retention. 84% of Facebook fans are current or former customers, so gaining that trust and loyalty is important. He also discussed the myth that e-mail is going away. This is FALSE. Email and Facebook are for keeping your brand top of mind.  He also stressed that you don’t necessarily need to be on thousands of social media’s, but to do more with what you are already on.

Mari was next up to bat with her discussion, “ How to improve your Facebook marketing with 7 techniques.” Mari spent a lot of time talking about analytics and how important it is to be aware of when your followers are online, what they prefer and what’s working versus what’s not. She also went over the four key areas to test when posting content. 1. Frequency 2. Timing 3. Type 4. Length.

Last up was Kim with “ How to use Twitter to grow your traffic and sales.”  She opened up with sharing that she believes Twitter will outlive Facebook. 50% of all Superbowl TV ads mentioned Twitter or had a specific hashtag for consumers to use. She shared her suggestions for Twitter topic types. 1. Motivional quotes 2. Humor 3. Personal 4. Social media tips 5. Blog 6. Promotions 7. Company news.

Stay tuned for more updates on the latest and greatest in social media trends!


Sincerely,  your social  butterfly Amanda