You Can Run, But You Can't Hide

If you own a computer, you most likely have been a victim of retargeting. You know, that pesky little ad that seems to find you no matter what website you land on? For consumers, it can often represent as a reminder. “ OH yeah, I forgot I loved that sweater. Oooh, and now it’s 30% off. BUY!” For advertisers, it’s a way to continuously poke at a consumer to ensure they are not forgotten.

Facebook released Tuesday that they are introducing the ability to retarget via mobile devices.  They are now able to target consumers as they jump from laptop, to tablet, to smartphone.  Facebook spokeswoman Elisabeth Diana said, “We are giving marketers more flexibility in the way that they can target.” She continued, “in turn it’s good for people who see the ads because the goal is for them to be more targeted.”

Today’s ad advances are Facebook’s first attempt at bridging the device divide between mobile and desktop that has vexed marketers. (

Chris Cunningham, CEO of social advertising firm appssavvy said,  “ The ability for advertisers to reach consumers across their many smart devices is a crucial step for marketing.” “It’s a growing trend,” he said.

The upgrades to “custom audience” advertising offer a simplified version of retargeting. Facebook plans to open the new capabilities for select partners only over the next several weeks.

So beware computer addicts, those pesky sweater ads are about to follow you all the way to your phone.

Love always, Social Butterfly Amanda