Real Life Instagram

Brazilian artist Bruno Ribeiro has taken his twist on the popular photo social media and added a flare of modern art into the mix. He launched his project entitled, “ Real Life Instagram” in which he installed physical filters around London’s most popular tourist landmarks. The filters were designed to mimic the style of a real Instagram post.

The idea is that people will take photos using these filters with their smartphones. AdWeek said, “ it seems easier to use real Instagram if you have a smartphone, though of course then you’d be missing the deep commentary on real vs. virtual worlds.”

Also, the brilliant catch of his art project is if you take pictures of the “Real Life Instagram” installations with this camera, the world will explode. In his non-free time, Ribeiro works in advertising—currently at AKQA in London, though he also worked on the famous $73,000 bar tab project at Ogilvy Brazil. Via PSFK.

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