Why Should I Hire a Professional Photographer When Uncle Charlie has a Perfectly Good Camera?

He just got it last week and it has 8,000 megapixels.

AdobeStock_143819200While “Uncle Charlie” might be a super-duper nice guy with shiny white teeth and great smelling breath; his experience with photography is at an amateur level.  Sure, he’s captured several really good moments and gets super artsy with all those great filters available now, but chances are he’s lacking in three key areas: consistency, technical skills, and creative vision.

A professional photographer will deliver a consistent product every time. If you are shooting product on a white background, you can rest assured that your background will be the same color as your collateral so you get the seamless result you want. If you are shooting home interiors, the light on the inside will balance with the light on the outside. Colors will pop and the entire story will be told.

The consistency clients get with professional photographers is largely due to technology. A pro will have adequate equipment for your job and will know how to use it. Uncle Charlie might have the nicest new Nikon on the market, but if he has no idea how to adjust a shutter speed or set the white balance for tungsten lighting, those camera features are virtually useless. A pro knows and that’s how they can consistently deliver a quality product.

The third thing that a professional photographer can do that Uncle Charlie can’t,  is to listen to what you are trying to accomplish with your marketing and photography and then deliver a product that will work with your message. Properly executed, it will create a synergy for your campaign that will help your investment generate powerful results.  A professional’s creative vision will be the difference between  ‘pretty good’ and ‘amazing’.

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