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What Makes a Great Billboard?

Outdoor advertising has played an important role in American business promotion for decades, especially so ever since President Eisenhower’s massive investment in developing the Interstate highway system during the 1950s. Throughout the ensuing years, savvy marketers have conducted extensive research with respect to the effectiveness and efficacy of this unique medium. Below are several basic…

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What It Means to "Design"

When getting an estimate from an agency, you may ask yourself, “What do I get for that “design” fee?”  Is it just some kid who’s good with computers? What kind of marketing experience goes in to it? Why is it taking so long? First off, we not only look for the best designers but everyone…

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Down, Set, #Tweet

In the sports world, you can get live score updates, discover broken records, get behind-the-scenes look at your players and teams within seconds on social media. More than 80% of sports fans monitor social media sites while they are watching a game on TV.  60% monitor them while they are at the game.  I knew…

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