Down, Set, #Tweet

In the sports world, you can get live score updates, discover broken records, get behind-the-scenes look at your players and teams within seconds on social media.

More than 80% of sports fans monitor social media sites while they are watching a game on TV.  60% monitor them while they are at the game.  I knew we needed to dive in headfirst and take over the social media side of bowl games.

Without knowing my limitations, I kept having a bunch of Naggin’ Nancy’s blowing up Gator Bowl’s timeline about this infamous Faux Pelini (the parody account of Nebraska’s head coach Bo Pelini), little did I know that he would flip CEA’s social media world upside down.

Who would have thought that one innocent conversation would lead CEA to the pages of ESPN. “Nebraska fans were kind of bugging the Gator Bowl, like, ‘You guys got to talk to Faux Pelini, you can’t just let this guy go unnoticed,'” Matt Repchak, digital media director for Florida Citrus Sports said. “And finally the Gator Bowl rolled up their sleeves and was like, ‘You know what, we’re going to do it. We’re going to have fun with it,’ and kind of pushed us out of the way, which was great.”

@FauxPelini changed my view of bowl game social media marketing and because of him, a lot of time, energy and an addiction to college football, I give you my impact on college bowl games with some help from my handy dandy sidekick Amanda.



Facebook: 12,082 followers to 18,704 followers.

Twitter: 2,600 followers to 8,900 followers.

Instagram: 0 followers to 568 followers.


The method behind our madness you ask?

The recipe for 1 serving size of successful bowl game social media marketing:

Researching 100%, Communication 100%, Dedication 100% , Creativity 100%, Humor 100%, Fan Interaction and Engagement 100% all mixed up with some corky fun! (Thank to you Faux Pelini!)



Brittany Doyle [ the voice behind this madness ]

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