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The Magical World of Google AdWords

Written by Diana Aguilar-Flores Every day Google answers over one billion questions from all over the world. People search for everything imaginable, from which celebrities are pregnant to which brand of cereal is the healthiest. If you’re like the majority of the internet-searching world, then you probably “Google” something at least once a day, and if…

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Diversity: Fueling the Fires of Creative Genius

How do we do it?  How do we keep cranking out such creative work week after week?  Yes, we read the blogs and articles and attend the seminars, and we have team-building days and projects that help foster good interoffice communications. But even better than all that, it is the rich cultural diversity found in…

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Business Selfies??

  I, Kristy Roeser, find selfies to be against my belief system. I constantly make fun of the people (usually girls) who post these photos to appear sexy, hip, awesome. I just don’t get it! What is the point of taking a photo of myself? I would never frame it as a memory – “…

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