Business Selfies??


I, Kristy Roeser, find selfies to be against my belief system. I constantly make fun of the people (usually girls) who post these photos to appear sexy, hip, awesome. I just don’t get it! What is the point of taking a photo of myself? I would never frame it as a memory – “ Oh I remember this time I took a photo of myself when I first woke up.” Or posting a photo of what I’m wearing that day – “ Here is my outfit, world. Am I not the sexiest girl in the whole wide world?” secretly praying a ton of people will like my photo, confirming that I indeed am the sexiest girl in the world.

After I stumbled across these staggering stats, I feared I might be alone in my anti-selfie beliefs:

-More than 57 million tags of #Selfie were posted to Instagram in 2013.

-The Oxford Dictionary named “selfie” the word of the year (I expected more from you, Oxford Dictionary).

Am I the only person left in the world that has not taken a selfie? Is the future of Instagram… a competition of who can post the best selfie?

Thankfully, marketers took a stand to embrace this growing fad and utilize their popularity in a more creative way. Check out these examples (and more) I discovered on Convince and Convert. The article turned this self-proclaimed selfie cynic into a believer. (Cue Monkey’s song “ I’m a Believer”)

Dove- # BeautyIs Campaign

Dove premiered this beautiful video at the Sundance film festival to redefine beauty. Mothers and daughters took selfies an honest selfie with no filters, no fixer uppers, no duck faces. The photos were displayed and people were encouraged to leave compliments on the photos.

#MuseumSelfie Day – To raise awareness of a new exhibit, Jan 22 was dubbed #MuseumSelfie day.

Star Wars Selfies- I mean, does the photo not say it all? #Awesome


Seeing these campaigns made me completely change the way I looked at selfies, especially for businesses. What are some creative ways your company could join the selfie bandwagon to promote your brand?