The Magical World of Google AdWords

Written by Diana Aguilar-Flores

Every day Google answers over one billion questions from all over the world. People search for everything imaginable, from which celebrities are pregnant to which brand of cereal is the healthiest. If you’re like the majority of the internet-searching world, then you probably “Google” something at least once a day, and if you do, then you’ve seen the two types of results available.

Alongside the results that appear due to their relevancy, also known as organic search results, you’ll notice similar results. Behold: the magical world of Google AdWords. This is Google’s advertising program that allows companies to bid on keywords in order for their ads to be displayed alongside relevant search results. There is another component to AdWords that allows display ads to appear on relevant websites, but for this blog we’ll focus on search results.

So let’s say it’s the Monday before Valentine’s Day and you’re just now realizing that your homemade gift of love coupons isn’t gonna cut it this year. Off to Google you go, searching for the perfect gift. The organic search results might give you some great articles on what your partner wants, but what you really need is something more tangible and voila: right there, in the top ad is the perfect gift for your sweetheart. Click, order, and done. That’s the idea behind Google AdWords: to deliver the most relevant results to users based on their search terms.

Not only does AdWords allow you to bid on relevant keywords, but it also has loads of super fun features, like call tracking. You can add your business phone number to your ad, view date, duration of call and even the zip code of callers who dialed. This is just one of the many tools that allows you to measure your success with this program.

So here’s a question for you: with the multitude of searches being conducted every day on the search engine giant, is your company being seen by the right people? We’re sure you’re all SEO experts and you’re site ranks number one in organic search results, right? Yeah, that’s what we thought. While SEO tactics are important for any website, there’s no reason not to complement it with a search engine marketing campaign such as one run through AdWords. So if you think this strategy is right for you, drop us a line, and we’ll create a custom campaign to place you where you want to be.