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What Makes a Good Logo?

The Nike “swoosh,” the “golden arches” of McDonald’s,” Apple’s, well, apple are all examples of brands with strong, instantly recognizable logos. Good logo design, in all but a few cases, is not accidental. It is the result much thought, some consternation, numerous creative ideas rendered to paper and, whenever possible, testing among focus groups. An…

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Create BUZZ For Your Next Event!

A new product offering, grand opening or book launch is in your near future. Is the day it takes place the first time anyone is aware of it? Here’s a more effective strategy to building a relationship with your target audience which will engage them every step of the way. Your target audience may even…

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Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

( This picture was taken on my first day when my smile was eager and our building was purple. )   When I first started at CEA Marketing, I was a fresh out of college graduate with not clue in the world. I knew one thing and one thing only. I loved advertising and was…

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