Create BUZZ For Your Next Event!

A new product offering, grand opening or book launch is in your near future. Is the day it takes place the first time anyone is aware of it? Here’s a more effective strategy to building a relationship with your target audience which will engage them every step of the way. Your target audience may even help you promote it!

When to begin? Start as early as 90 days before the event. Begin to create buzz by using social media for engaging posts that lead up to the big day to include:

  • Timeline photos
  • Photos of shipments arriving, partial product teaser shots
  • Offer a beta trial, free chapter download, etc.
  • Conduct a contest for social postings to a designated hashtag and award the top posters
  • Post questions that encourage discussion around the positive

On the day of the big event, your community of social followers have been through your journey with you and are already involved and excited. Now they’ll be ready to spread the word so create live postings to continue the social buzz!

Happy Eventing!