3 Ways to Become a Social Media Sensation

I recently traveled to sunny San Diego to join 2,000 of our fellow marketers at Social Media Marketing World. This event sponsored by Social Media Examiner #SMMW14 is the largest social media marketing tradeshow.

Besides Instagramming these California treasures:

  • Beautiful Mexican inspired architecture
  • Infamous coastal landscapes
  • Seals lounging on the rocky shoreline and working on their suntan (I think those seals have the right idea)

I left the conference with 3 amazing tips that can easily turn you into a social media sensation. Disclaimer: Social media sellers and ‘appaholics’ (like myself), you may find it even more difficult to put your iPhone down. Sorry, Boss!

1: Blog Writing 101

While we all love the dollar bills, marketers, I ask you to take your sales hat off and put your teaching cap on. Think of yourself as the new ‘Wiki-wonder’ in your field. Here are some helpful hints:

  • Use your blog to answer the ‘Who, What, Where, Why and How’ questions.
  • Remember: an authentic voice = power.
  • Vulnerability can be your biggest breakthrough if would you share it.
  • Numbered blog titles are catchy!
  • Download a social sharing plugin like AddThis.com or ShareThis.com to share content across your networks! *Wink, Wink, Nudge, while you’re at it, maybe share this one too? 😉

2: Twitter- It’s All About #Favorites

One of the best ways to add social value online is to ‘Favorite’ a Tweet rather than simply re-tweeting content. Why, you ask?

  • ‘Favoriting a Tweet’ = personal #goldstar approval to content.
  • E-mail notification or your ‘Favoriting’ will be sent to the ‘Tweeter’.
  • This makes the ‘Tweeter’ feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. Hey, we all want to feel special! What a great way to get checked out and maybe even receive a follow back.

3: LinkedIn- Get Linked Up

It is my personal prediction that LinkedIn will become more powerful and trendier than Facebook in the coming year. While I do not have a crystal ball to see into the future, LinkedIn is quickly becoming a social media tool for powerhouse professionals. Yes, that would be YOU.  Brands are now realizing that to be relevant and trustworthy (2 things that effect sales) they have to be humanized.  How do you do this?

  • Have your colleagues and/or employees connect on LinkedIn!
  • Embrace employees as the face of your organization.
  • Provide testimonial feedback, this will build social value.
  • Sponsored Updates will target and expand your reach.

Are you a social media sensation? Have a #sensational tip you’d like to share? Let’s connect!

Twitter: @NatashaKucerak

LinkedIn: Natasha Kucerak

Instagram: @nkucerak

By: Natasha Kucerak, CEA Marketing Group Social Media Account Manager