The Basics of SEO


Now that you’ve learned what SEO is and how it can be useful to your business, it’s important to understand the basics and how to apply SEO to your site.

Relevance is Key

As mentioned before, it’s important to have relevant information on your webpage. If you fail to have content that relates to the purpose of your site, then it’s not doing its job and you’re missing out on competing business. This is where SEO comes to the rescue!

Here are the 4 basic steps you need to follow:

  1. Examine your pages for content and choose key phrases or words that describe them so the web crawlers can index and find your content.
  2. Apply optimization to not only the pages, but also images links, and social media.
  3. Create and add more desirable content to draw and retain visitors.
  4. Collect statistics and traffic and continually monitor and update your pages.

Web Crawlers

Are you wondering what a web crawler is? It’s the automated program used by search engines to “crawl” the web and discover its extensive amount of pages. It’s the first step in applying SEO to your website and it’s why the rest of the steps exist. Once you know the basic steps of SEO, you’re ready to learn the benefits!

Have questions? The entire CEA Marketing Group team is SEO certified and can provide you with the answers to your marketing concerns. Make sure to follow us and keep checking in for our next SEO insider, or other digital media tips!