Twitter & Instagram: Enhancing the Mobile Experience

Last month, Pinterest made an announcement that would forever change how consumers purchase online products. The Pinterest “Buy It” button allows brands to reach consumers on an entirely new level in their decision making process, increasing the probability of impulse purchases with the click of a mouse. Now, two other major social networks are following in their footsteps and opening the door to an even more intimate buying experience.


Mobile media giants, Twitter and Instagram have just recently announced their launching of their own “Buy It” buttons. While it seems as though they offer the same experience at Pinterest, there is one major element that sets them apart from their social counterpart: mobile devices.

Tweet Mobile Experience

According to Social Media Today, Over 50% of online buyers are searching through a mobile device and 64% of them report to making a purchase. Twitter and Instagram boast a combined 70+ million mobile users. The “Buy It” button, when utilized on a mobile device, essentially cuts out the time that is spent searching for items in a search engine and allows the consumer to make a purchase from anywhere that allows them to use their phone or tablet, which is really from anywhere!

After successful beta testing with Old Navy, AMC Theatre, and professional sports teams, Instagram Mobile ExperienceInstagram and Twitter have decided to expand the list of brands who can utilize this feature. With all three social media platforms rolling out sponsored features for their “Buy It” options, it is clear that most brands will have to allocate a budget towards this option if they want to participate. Even with all of the uncertainty, we do know one thing for sure. It is more crucial than ever for brands to be on top of consumer trends in order to make the buyer’s’ experience simple, unique, and unforgettable!

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