Promoted Posts: Increasing Your ROI

Allocating a portion of your advertising budget to Promoted Facebook Posts can seem like a waste of money and at times, desperate. After all, why would anyone want to throw money into a social media outlet when you can post as many times as you want without paying a dime?

We’re here to tell you that this perception of Facebook advertising is completely off focus. Here are a few facts as to why you should be allocating money to your social media advertising budget:


Attention Creates Interest

Your product or service is only as good as your target market perceives it to be. Your business could offer the best product in the industry, but no one will ever have the chance to try it if they don’t know who you are.

The same idea translates to the digital world. According to an article in AdWeek, almost 90% of brands are currently utilizing social media. This means, that the amount of brand related content that users see is extremely high and therefore, limits the number of people who actually see your organic posts. In addition, Facebook is continually changing its algorithm to exclude a large portion of brands that have “irrelevant” content based on user interest.

Promoting your post effectively will allow your content to reach your followers and those who would be interested in your product more often. After all, if you don’t get in front of your target market, how will they know all of the great things you have to offer?


Target Your Ideal Customer

Targeting Your Ideal CustomersOne of the great things about digital marketing is the luxury of reaching a specific audience of people. When you promote a post on Facebook, you are able to target it directly to the group of people that you want to see it. Location, demographic, employment status, education, and interests are just a few categories that you can adjust in order to show your ideal customer the content you have posted.

The beauty of targeting your promoted posts? No money is wasted! Every single penny that is spent pushing out your social media content will only be spent when it is shown the users that are targeted. If targeted correctly, 100% of your budget will be effective in reaching your target market.

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