How to Edit Boosted Facebook Posts


You’ve just created a wonderful post that is sure to create some engagement with your target audience and get your brand some exposure. You set your boosted post budget and you’re well on your way to seeing the great benefits of Facebook’s promoted post feature. Suddenly, as you publish your post, you realize that you’ve made a crucial spelling error that will hurt your brand’s credibility.

We’ve all been here, now how can you edit your boosted Facebook post without deleting it? Because Facebook doesn’t easily allow you to edit a boosted post, most users delete the entire post and re-create it. Fortunately, we have found a way that allows you to avoid starting over and makes the editing process extremely simple.

Here is our step-by-step process around editing a boosted Facebook post:

  1. First, click the ‘Boost’ button like you’re going to add more money to the budget. Be sure to take note of how much of your budget is left. You’ll need that number in a minute.
    Step One - Editing Facebook Posts
  2. Next, you’ll get a pop up with all of your boost settings. Click the gear on the bottom left, then click Delete. (Don’t worry – you’re not deleting the post – just the boost.)
  3. Confirm that you do want to delete the boosted Facebook post. 

    How to edit boosted posts
  4. Now, your post is ready to edit! Click the down arrow and edit as normal, making your changes as needed.

  5. Lastly, go back in and add your remaining boost budget back in so that you stay on track with your spending after your edits (the number you saved from step 1).

How to edit boosted posts

That’s it! Crisis averted, and your client or brand is free from discrimination and spelling errors! This tip will come in handy more often than you might think if you tend to use social media on a regular basis.
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