Five Mind-Blowing Facts About Mobile Users


It’s clear that mobile has been one of the hottest topics in the digital marketing industry over the last few years. With this intense focus on mobile users over a long period of time, it has become much easier to collect data and study their habits, revealing several interesting statistics that could drastically change your marketing strategy. Here is our list of five mind-blowing facts about mobile users:


40% of Shoppers Consult 3 or More Channels Before a Purchase

According to, this same stat in 2002 was only 10%. Because the majority of consumers are checking around on multiple websites or social outlets, the importance of having multiple channels is growing drastically. Even more surprising, 52% of Americans browse for competing products while they are in-store.


Users Spend an Average of 413 Minutes per Month on Mobile Video Services

In 2014, the average consumer spent over 413 minutes per month on mobile video. It may be easy to get frustrated with video marketing advertisements, but the numbers don’t lie! And with the assumption from the CMO Council that mobile commerce will make up at least 30% of all ecommerce by 2017, investing in mobile video marketing could yield a high ROI if done correctly.


70% of Mobile Searches Lead to Action Within the Hour

Mobile users that find your business on their mobile devices, statistically convert quicker and more often because they are most likely already on the go. When you’re searching via your smartphone, you generally have a specific task in mind and are already beginning your buying process.


Apps Have Overtaken Television

In a recent Marketing Land article, they highlight that Americans now spend more time on their mobile applications than they do watching television. While we watch television for an average of 168 minutes on a daily basis, we are on our applications for 198 minutes. For business, this means that we can not only reach users more often, but also in a much less expensive way.


78% of Retailers are Planning on Investing in Mobile This Year

In such a crowded market, it is now crucial to have a solid mobile marketing strategy in order to stand out from your competitors. Whether this is making sure your website is mobile-friendly or taking on mobile advertising through Google AdWords, now is the time to step up your game!

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