2016: Year of the User

It’s amazing how quickly time flies! We are already beginning another year in marketing and advertising. What’s even more amazing is the amount of innovation that has occurred in the digital market place. These innovations have paved the way for a very user-friendly year. Here are some of the trends that are expected to continue and thrive throughout 2016:

Social Media Advertising

According to Interpublic Group’s Magna Global, in 2015 digital ad spend will have grown over 13% in 2016 to reach nearly $35 billion in spending. This is also expected overtake TV as the largest advertising platform heading into 2017 according to eMarketer. Why are social ads so great? It’s all about the targeting capabilities. Imagine being able to reach your ideal customer with an ad that is tailored specifically to their needs and wants. Every dollar spent (if targeted correctly) goes to showing your perfect customer your ad.

Personalized Pay-Per-Click

One-third of marketers see personalization as the most important capability to the future of marketing according to a recent Adobe Study. As users continue to provide more and more information to Internet giants such as Google, the likelihood of more personalized targeting increases.


No surprise here! Users love watching videos and with new innovations such as 360 degree view, we could watch them all day! Currently, 96% of B2B marketers are using video in their marketing campaigns. If video is something you lack in your campaigns, it’s a clear sign you should add them in 2016.

We are extremely excited for 2016 and all the innovations that will come! Could you benefit from digital or traditional marketing services? Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, or our website for more information!