Take The Time To Improve Your Time


Ben is able to look at a whole picture and pick it apart and put it back together again. Whether it is a billboard design, a website, or an Excel doc, Ben works to make sure that everything is organized and working.  He fills up most of his days working on AdWords, choosing the right words to get our clients seen.  When he is not doing that, he enjoys learning anything he can, especially when it comes to new things he can bring to the table. If it can increase efficiency, Ben is on the case! Here are Ben’s tips on organization! 

Working at a marketing agency, there are lots of things that have to get done every single day. Some days I may have three tasks that I need to work on, and other days I can have ten. It is easy to feel overwhelmed when you look at your list of things to get done, but I have some tricks that help me be more organized and efficient to get me through the day.

Don’t let time fly by too quickly.

Tracking your time from project to project helps you see what projects you’re spending the most time on. It’s important to know when you are reviewing for billing purposes and well as prioritizing your workload. When you know that reviewing an AdWords account takes you on average 15 minutes, you can plan ahead and account that time in your day.

A time tracking app I like to use is Toggl, which works nicely with my project management program.

Resist Saving as “Untitled”

File organization is one of the biggest problems when it comes to workplace organization. Every person has a different way of saving their files as well as organizing it on their computers. When you are working on a file, put the title of the project and don’t forget to add the date. Don’t forget about the year either. Years from now when a new employee would want to review your work, having each file be titled with a date will help immensely. I have personally spent over an hour looking for a file before, because of this problem. Find a naming convention that works for your team and use it. Folder titles are important too. It doesn’t matter if you organize by client or by type of work, but making sure you have a naming convention will give your company or personal filing a much easy way to backtrack.

What are your tricks to improve your organization skills?