Uniting Sales & Marketing: Joint Meetings

Schedule regular joint meetings

It is vital to the profit of a business, to have communication between the sales and marketing staff. Too many businesses struggle with uniting these two teams, which causes the teams to not maximize in their profitability. Which then leads to not achieving the overall goal of a business.

This is why some businesses fail. When these departments are speaking two different languages, they are wasting an immense amount of opportunities.

I can only imagine the amount of money and resources that companies have wasted by marketing to the wrong people.

To help solve this matter, it is important to schedule regular joint meetings between sales and marketing.

Understanding that the sales and marketing teams are busy, it is still important to set aside these designated times to meet.

If they never take the time to talk, they will always suffer from a disconnect. Arrange joint meetings with a shared agenda to help bring everyone on the same page.

I suggest having your department heads prioritize this as a monthly meeting. The goal is for both teams to leave the meeting with renewed collective energy. Use this time to motivate both teams while boosting cohesion and team morale.

This meeting provides a chance to determine how sales and marketing teams can continue to work together.

Ask plenty of questions: “What kind of information should be shared?” “Which channels should we use to share that information?” “What does a ‘qualified lead’ mean for Project A? For Project B?” This meeting also provides an opportunity to walk through ongoing sales or to brainstorm content ideas that would ease the process.

Once these meetings are in place, your business will notice exceedingly better results and improved customer retention rates.

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