Uniting Sales & Marketing: Talking Tools

Give teams the tools to talk to each other

Now that we have the sales and marketing teams collaborating and participating in monthly meetings, it is now time to give these teams the necessary tools to follow up and continue connecting with each other.

Sales and marketing should have shared tools to track the success of campaigns, follow up with automation, identify lead scoring, and keep each other updated on various progress.

Once both teams are effectively using these tools, they will commonly start to speak the same language of data.

With your teams on the same page, you can share these insights through weekly updates sent through your email marketing platform and track how everyone is interacting with the email impressions. Your business will naturally start to develop and the teams will become more cohesive.

There are multiple tools you can choose, but here are two must-haves:

  • Analytics tools—Make sure your websites are hooked up and generating insights that are valuable to your sales and marketing teams.
  • A good CRM system—Connect both departments through a common CRM that enables both teams to see the progress of leads, common objections, and profiles of successful sales.

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