Uniting Sales & Marketing: Reviewing as a Team

After every sale, review the process as a team

The post-sale buzz is a crucial time for sales and marketing teams to stay connected; it’s the perfect moment to learn about the successes and pain points of the process and to figure out how to repeat or alleviate them.

Make sure you have a defined, shared process that allows both departments to analyze the information they need to refine their strategies better.

One post-sale process that can benefit both departments involves sending out surveys for customers to review.

Work together to communicate with customers about their experience with the sales process. Are they happy with the purchase? Was the buying process enjoyable? If it makes more sense for your sales team to call the customer to interview about the sales cycle, that also works fine.

When these customer insights come in, sales and marketing can both benefit by reviewing the information together. Once the information is reviewed, allow the teams to debrief and work together to improve any areas that were lacking.

Each time a customer gives feedback, it gives an opportunity to develop and learn even more.

Also, encourage sales and marketing to incorporate a modern sales enablement strategy into their everyday work day. Your employees jobs will become easier and more enjoyable! I mean, who wouldn’t want that?

When both teams work together, they can reach more qualified leads and stop wasting money on prospects that won’t follow through.

Start speaking the same language, and your customers will begin to hear a unified story that they can believe in.

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