How to Create a Social Media Account That Sets Your Homebuilding Firm Apart

There’s no overstating the power of social media over the way we communicate and interact – 77% of adults in the United States alone admit to having at least one social media profile. The popularity of social media channels for everyday interactions and consumerism alike make it essential for businesses to exist on social media. Home building firms stand to benefit so much from the power of social media: not only are these platforms able to share your brand, messages, and services with your target audience, but they’re also able to expand your reach to new demographics. Excellent social media strategies, however, are far more complex than simply clicking “Post;” by understanding the way different platforms can potentially expand your company, you will be primed for social media success.

Have Personality

Social media has more potential for creating and developing your company’s personality than print advertisements, blog posts, and your website combined. This is because it allows for something that none of these other platforms do: direct, real-time engagement with your audience. It goes so far beyond clever captions and well-lit pictures: social media allows you to have one-on-one interactions with your friends and followers, learning consumers’ home building needs directly from them – live. Furthermore, social posts don’t place as much pressure on your brand to be serious, informative, or excessively formal. Social media gives your company a flexible space to share its voice with audience members in a fresh, playful, and even humorous way.

Use Analytics to Your Advantage

One of the most advantageous features found across the board on social media is the ability to view sophisticated analytics. Social platforms, from Facebook to Instagram and YouTube, give you statistics about your audience’s engagement with your post. This allows you to see what ages, genders and geographic locations most successfully engage with your brand, as well as what kinds of posts are most appealing to your audience. This allows you to make decisions about future posts based on which ones perform the best. For instance, if short vlog-style videos get more likes and comments from your audience than text-heavy posts on Facebook, then it’s worthwhile to focus less on the text and more on the visuals. Social media lets your brand stay informed about what direction to take – and what people to craft messages for.

Different Platforms, Different Best Practices

It is important for home building firms looking to be successful on social media to remember that no two platforms are alike. This means that what works for you on Facebook will not necessarily work on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or YouTube. First and foremost, look at the user statistics of each social media platform, and prioritize the ones that have the most in common with your audience. For example, more than 71% of Snapchat users are under the age of 34. As a homebuilder, it would probably make more sense to focus on a platform like Facebook or LinkedIn, with a more mature and financially secure average user.

Social Media Doesn’t Stand Alone

Remember that though social media is an extremely important part of your home building firm’s marketing strategy, it doesn’t stand alone. You should also be prioritizing in-person network, blog post generation, optimized landing pages, and valuable content for your audience – to name only a few of the elements to keep in mind. Social media is a powerful marketing channel – if harnessed correctly. Though your tone can be more playful or informal on social media, your brand’s mission, values, and overall personality should be consistent no matter what channel of communication you’re using.

Social media is a major platform on which home builders can both solidify and expand their client base. By being strategic about your social media use, you can supplement your growth efforts with effective audience engagement. To learn more about how to optimize your social media strategy, be sure to speak to an expert today.