Uniting Sales & Marketing: Collaborating on Buyers Profile

In a united company, true teamwork is baked into systems, processes, and goals. The sales department has an intimate knowledge of customers, and the marketing department can turn that data into stories. When these two teams share goals and work in communion, companies are able to attract more—and better—opportunities.

Sales and Marketing need to collaborate on buyer profiles

From small startups to national corporations, there is often a disconnect between the sales and marketing departments.

Salespeople and marketers aren’t blind to this dissever. According to LinkedIn, 58% of sales and marketing professionals report that collaboration delivers improved customer retention. What’s more, 54% stated that aligning had a positive contribution to financial performance.

Each department, with proficiency in their field of work, hold imperative information to complete their buyers profiles.

Marketers might have more research on anticipated buyer behavior, but salespeople are on the ground, talking with prospects and hearing their comments and concerns. Each department holds the key information that the other is missing.

A buyer’s profile should be a detailed, in-depth representation of your target customers’ preferences and behavior as they research and interact with your business. To get the best picture of who you need to target, have sales and marketing work together to build buyer personas.

To get started, you can have your marketing team come up with a list of the traits, information, and values they wish they knew about their customers. Meanwhile, have your salespeople call your top customers and interview them to learn more about their motivations, pain points, and researching behaviors.

If sales and marketing can combine their skills and insights in answering these questions, they’ll be able to create content based on the needs of their target audiences.

This approach will help marketing know where to spend time, money, and attention for prospective clients, and it will allow the sales team to know prospects better throughout the sales cycle. Therefore, successfully leading to allocating all of your resources.

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