A Home Builder’s Guide to Creating Content People Want to Read

A common saying among digital marketers is that content is king. This means that, no matter what good or service your business has to offer, the best way to build up your brand’s popularity among consumers is to produce appealing content. The question isn’t about whether or not you should create content for your home building business – that’s a given. Rather, the question becomes how to make sure that the content you produce for your business is varied, consistent, and appealing to both existing clients and prospective ones. Read on to discover four expertly curated must-have tips to producing optimal content to help your home building company grow.

Know Your Audience

In an age where consumers are presented with more opportunities than ever, it is crucial that your brand keep the specific characteristics of its audience in mind – and deliver content that is tailored to them. Analyze your home building company’s brand identity, services offered, and past client base to create a profile of your ideal customer. Then, create content materials specifically designed to appeal to this audience’s preferences while solving the problems you’ve anticipated they’re experiencing. For example, if your ideal customer is a mid-twenties first-time homeowner, your content should cover topics that are relevant to them: how to choose the perfect home building company for your first home, must-know real estate trends for first-time buyers, and similar intended to address this landmark time.

Switch It Up

Two aspects of the content you share must be strategically varied: the kind of content you’re sharing and the channels on which you’re sharing them. Don’t limit yourself to focusing only on social media, or blogs, or digital ads. Instead, your aim should be to work with a marketing expert in order to disseminate your content across multiple channels. What this does is allow you to share different kinds of information, displaying your business to customers in different ways. For example, a blog post is an excellent way to share your expertise in the industry: talk about market trends, best practices, and interesting developments within your company; social media posting, on the other hand, is a chance for you to share short, interesting statements meant captivate your audience and humanize your business.

Think Beyond Home Building

Don’t get us wrong: the ultimate goal of your content is to establish your business as a leading expert in the home building industry, making both clients and prospective customers excited to work with you. However, that doesn’t mean you have to limit your content to strictly home building-related topics. Feel free to occasionally brand out into peripheral areas, like the general real estate market, basic construction-related topics, and general home ownership tips. By demonstrating a sophisticated understanding of not only home building but of the other industries and areas with which home building interacts, your content will help to build your company’s reputation as a sought-after home building service provider.

Content marketing is far more complex than writing a few blog posts and sharing them on social media. It is an effective strategy that, when leveraged correctly, has the potential to maximize your company’s recognizability and appeal. To discuss how to make your content strategy the best it can be, reach out to our experts.