Print Prospers in a Digital World

If you’re reading this, PRINT AIN’T DEAD!

Don’t believe that print is dead. The magazine industry is still holding on to its loyal consumers. Because magazines are often geared toward niche audiences, they are prime for reaching specific target markets. Publications focused on special interests such as business, travel, antique cars, diving and investing are excellent media for hyper focused consumer sections. Consumers turn to magazines for their niche point of view, so brands that partner with magazines often get a boost in trust with the readership. When considering advertising, native advertising, sponsored content or event sponsorships with magazines, make sure to inquire about methods to reach the magazine’s digital audiences as well, whether that’s through its social media, website or digital editions. It is important to be present on all forms of marketing. Not only does your brand becoming more trustworthy, but the more places potential customers see your ads on, the more likely they are to remember your message and turn into real-life customers!

Newspapers and Online Ads

Local publications are getting thinner and thinner, but depending on the audience, there’s still a group of people who like to enjoy a cup of morning joe and read the paper. Have you looked at the advertising lately? Some of my advertising clients are home builders, so local newspapers are right up the alley of the target market. The home section of the newspaper used to be competitive – meaning it was expensive and jam packed with other builders. Now, the paper might have two or three advertisers, and the prices have gone way down.

This is great for small businesses with smaller budgets. Not only do you pay less, but you can also get a much larger ad for your money. Most newspapers have online components, and you can always negotiate added value for some banner ads or social media posts on their channels. Digital advertising is a very saturated platform, when a company is present on a less saturated platform the more likely the company is to be seen! It’s as simple as “being a big fish in a small pond.” Though, it is still very important to be digitally present online— don’t you forget about print!

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