It’s Time to Bring Your Billboards Into the Future

We’re on the move! Americans annually spend (on average) more than 17,600 minutes driving! So it’s not surprising that this from of traditional advertising is still very popular today. You know we all see them, whether it be during our commutes to work or on the drive home from school. We all pass by those “Hurt in a Car?” billboards or those hilarious Chick-Fil-A billboards with the cows persuading you to “EAT MOR CHIKIN.” Now what makes these images so memorable? Whether it be the humor of the billboard or the play on rhyming words, we see these images on the daily! So it’s easy to remember these companies and what they do!

Billboards are still one of the top ways to advertise in specific markets, reaching more than 90 percent of the population. For a long time, the high price tag of billboards prohibited smaller business from utilizing them, but the newer digital styles of billboards offer much lower rates (as little as a third of the cost) for virtually the same exposure. To get even more bang for your buck, pair billboards with geotargeted ads to hit the drivers’ smartphones with a banner ad after they pass for an extra-strong marketing message.

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