How to Create Content That Fits Your Buyer Journey Maps

There may be a few commonalities across buyer personas, but these individuals often travel down very different paths before they become customers. It’s up to the sales team to identify the various personas and interview individuals in each persona category.

Once your sales team knows what makes each persona tick, it’s time for sales and marketing to sit down and come up with the right messaging to engage their audiences. A complete strategy should have content designed around the awareness, consideration, and decision stages of the buyer journey.

Don’t market to your customers. Educate them.

The digital content that the marketing team is producing needs to meet the needs of the informed buyers. It’s important to reach more informed buyers because a brand can fail to live up to its potential​ if buyers remain uneducated and out of the loop.

Reaching educated buyers is ultimately about providing helpful resources when they need it most. To deliver what customers are asking for, sales and marketing teams ought to collaborate effectively to become successful with this.

Digital content should meet the needs of these informed buyers.

To reach more well-educated customers, both marketing and sales should work together to create the kinds of content that these buyers are seeking.

Create content the buyers are looking for

Rule of thumb: when content is valuable and helpful, customers will engage with it!

Create blog posts, guide books, how to videos, and more. Regardless of the medium, good, valuable content creates feelings of loyalty, trust, and positive feelings toward your brand. It also helps your search engine ranking!

One easy way to get started with great content is to create a blog you can publish on your website. Once it’s complete, you can draw in customers through email newsletters, social media, and more. At the end of each blog post, make sure you include a call to action with additional content that provides additional incentive for buyers to take positive action on your site. Whether it’s a guidebook, a how-to video, or a longer whitepaper, these additional pieces of content are designed to build trust around your brand. When it’s time to make content, put sales to the side and strive to be helpful! In the current marketplace, content is sales.

Sales and marketing might be separate departments within an organization, but it’s imperative for these teams to work together to build a Sales Enablement strategy.

A strong collaborative effort will help you create a foundation of great content, and when your audience views your brand as a trusted resource, you’ll earn more sales and turn cautious customers into outspoken advocates.

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