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5 Best Practices For Social Media Growth

Social Media- a competitive creative space, but one that has the ability to successfully tell a brand’s or person’s story while selling your brand or objective. 

  1. Be present!

The most successful social accounts are ones that are ACTIVE and give PURPOSE to their content. Accounts that post the most relevant content continuously, are engaging with their audiences, and don’t go dark randomly are the accounts that stay trending. 

You want your audience to stay up with your brand, your trends, and your news. You want them to be a part of your algorithm not by force, but with their natural interest in your subjects. Not one piece of content works for everyone either. Start with a few “tester posts” to see what type of content gets the most attention and engagement. 

  1. Be aware of your Social Sweet Spot!

Take notice of your content that performs well and better than other types of content you post. Those are the types of posts your audience wants to see on their feed! Don’t waste your time and dollars on posts that your audience isn’t interested in or interacting with. The purest forms of interest are the ones that are not only sustainable but noteworthy! 

  1. Show and Tell your “WHY” Factor throughout your Feed

Creating Insight and what you do and why you do it, is one of the most important strategies a business social page can take on. Consumers are more likely to invest or buy into a brand, product, or service if there is meaning behind the madness. 

Creating content with a deeper purpose also helps explain your brand on a more personal level and shows a more trustworthy brand. Meaningless, effortless content or should be avoided on platforms that allow users to have a choice in the content they see. 

  1. Create a Content Calendar

This may seem like a big “to-do,” but this is going to be your saving grace when life gets busy. Plan posts ahead and accordingly create an organized and trendy feed. 

How to create a content calendar:

  1. Start 30 Days out
    1. Set a goal of how many posts you want to go out this month
    2. Set Date-Specific Posts. Create a full month calendar of important dates and events that are relevant. 
  1. Plan your types of Content
    1. Make a list of 10-15 different types of posts. For example: Posts that will tell your brand’s story, create conversation, and describe the “WHY” aspect of your business. 
    2. Create captivating and conversational captions for each post. Make sure to use a consistent tone and feel to each post to better define your brand.
  1. Plan your photography that will go with each caption.
    1. Make sure your photography aids your caption and is not disruptive to your feed.
    2. Create a filter to use throughout feed to give your page a cohesive and consistent look.
  1. Schedule posts 2- 4 weeks ahead of time 
    1. Some helpful tools:

5. Get Creative!

Especially during quarantine, now is the time to crack your creative fingers and get to work! Experiment with photography on the go with your smartphone or old camera you’ve been dying to dust off. Take Lifestyle photos and people interacting with your products (get consent first). Step out of your comfort zone and start experimenting with new apps for your photos, trying out Facebook Live, or creating a series. 

Right now has never been a better time to test our new ideas and start showing up for our social platforms as the world’s attention is on social media.
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