A Home Builder’s Guide to Creating a Winning Brand

Home builders have an opportunity for connecting with prospective customers unlike any other, because they offer a service unlike any other: the opportunity for consumers to have a direct say in the construction of their future home. The appeal is there, and so the opportunity is there, as well. What is missing among home builders – and, therefore, where those who are proactive stand to see tremendous results – is fully leveraging technology in order to create an appealing brand. Read on for an overview of the measures to take in creating a profitable brand your consumers will love. 

Understand Your Target Audience

Would you advertise a steakhouse at a vegan convention in the hopes of turning a substantial profit? Though obvious, the rationale of this example serves as a solid foundation for your branding: first and foremost, consider your audience. Work alongside branding and marketing experts to pinpoint the key characteristics of your ideal consumer, creating a comprehensive buyer persona. This persona will serve as a reference point as you think of the kind of brand you want to develop. For example, if your ideal buyer is a young couple buying their first home, they probably wouldn’t respond as well to stuffy, exclusive language and branding as they would to bright visuals, inclusive language, and clearly presented information. Knowing who you’re trying to reach will be the first step in determining how you reach them. 

Know Your Appeal

This is a two-fold tip: your aim in branding is to convey the must-knows about your business – your mission, services, and what sets you apart from competitors – in an authentic way, all the while targeting your audience in a way that appeals to them. We recommend writing down a short list of the five must-know things about your business. Are you family-owned? Well-established in the area? Are you committed to helping underserved communities or first-time homeowners? Determine what sets your company apart, and work with an experienced agency to package that in an exciting and appealing way. 

It’s All About the Visuals

The golden double arch. The bitten apple. The rounded out checkmark reminding us to “Just do it.” The best brands are the ones that are immediately recognizable, turning average images into the distinctive markers of a specific company. The key to good branding is consistency: pick a signature color scheme, tagline, and logo design that follow your company everywhere it goes. Furthermore, make sure each of these elements is chosen with your target audience in mind. For example, studies have shown that Millenials respond better to bright, engaging colors than to muted and demure ones. Keeping the various moving parts of your brand visuals in place, and consistent, no matter where they go is key to creating a brand that is both appealing and recognizable. 
Ultimately, branding is a delicate art that requires a great deal of time and expertise to successfully execute. Home builders have the privilege of working in an industry where demand is high and the services offered are life-changing. All that’s needed is to create a streamlined plan to ensure that your services are reaching as many of your target consumers as possible. To consult with a branding expert about taking your company to the next level, don’t hesitate to reach out.