How To Keep Your Business Organized When Things Get Busy

Hey everyone! It’s the CEA Marketing team here with a few mega-helpful techniques to stay organized in the remaining weeks of summer. With the world opened back up, we have more to remember and more to do. However, we’re going to highlight a few platforms that can transform an overwhelming schedule into an organized masterpiece.


Project Management Software

With various tasks juggled by different employees, it’s important to keep track. Businesses use project management software to track the variety of projects currently in the works as well as the total time spent on any given task. Teamwork and Toggl are two sites that facilitate the process. Once a task comes in for an employee, all the information they need is right in front of them. One of Teamwork’s best features is the ability to track the progress of projects in the work, while helping to budget time across tasks and employees. If your business doesn’t use project management software, it’s time to take that next step to becoming more efficient.


Canva Desktop Wallpapers and Printables:

 Canva has a collection of desktop wallpaper templates that are beautifully designed. However, you can edit them however you like. Some templates have labeled bubbles where you’d ideally drag different documents to on your desktop screen. You can turn a desktop cluttered with documents into a desktop sectioned by categories that contain related documents. 

 Canva also offers a variety of templates for weekly schedules, calendars, planners, etc. This is a nice feature for those who prefer writing over typing. Once you design your printable schedule and print it out, you can put it on your nightstand or somewhere you frequently look at. Then, as events and invitations pop up, jot them down! Did you know that you’re more likely to remember something you wrote rather than something you typed?


Trello Board:

 Trello is a site that allows you to create workspaces containing different boards. Once you create a board, you can add different lists relating to your professional or personal life. The lists are situated on the board so you can see everything, which helps trigger your memory of projects you might’ve forgotten about. For each list, you can add cards with text, links or even documents. If you feel like your digital world is all over the place, Trello will save the day. 


Shared Drive

This one may seem obvious to some. But either way, it’s important to emphasize the usefulness of shared digital Drives. A great example is Google Drive. This allows you to store files and share them with your coworkers. Google Drive allows us here at CEA Marketing to have folders for each client with corresponding documents in each one. Because your coworkers have access to the Drive, you can all collectively work on the same project while being in different locations.


Use these platforms and I promise you’ll feel clearer, more calm and collected with your professional and personal life. Thanks for reading!