It’s Time to Bring Your Billboards Into the Future

By Ben Simon | July 1, 2019

We’re on the move! Americans annually spend (on average) more than 17,600 minutes driving! So it’s not surprising that this from of traditional advertising is still very popular today. You know we all see them, whether it be during our commutes to work or on the drive home from school. We all pass by those…

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Establishing the Sales Process

By Ben Simon | June 30, 2019

It’s 2019. With just the tap of a finger, we can know anything about any business.

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Print Prospers in a Digital World

By Ben Simon | June 27, 2019

If you’re reading this, PRINT AIN’T DEAD! Don’t believe that print is dead. The magazine industry is still holding on to its loyal consumers. Because magazines are often geared toward niche audiences, they are prime for reaching specific target markets. Publications focused on special interests such as business, travel, antique cars, diving and investing are…

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How Marketing and Sales Learn from Each Other

By Ben Simon | June 22, 2019

While this is now common industry knowledge, it never hurts to repeat: one of the best techniques to business growth is content marketing.

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How to Grow Your Homebuilding Company’s Popularity without Sacrificing Customers’ Trust

By Ben Simon | June 5, 2019

Ultimately, every business wants to grow, and home builders are no different. A wider customer base means a more secure livelihood, expansion opportunities, and the ability to take on more exciting and challenging projects. However, not every business masters the delicate balancing act between growth and retaining authenticity. Customers are extremely perceptive, often able to…

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Finding Your Key Audience: Pinpointing Who Needs Your Homebuilding Services Most

By Ben Simon | May 22, 2019

No matter how universally appealing your services and industry may be, it is necessary that you hone in on a target audience. A target audience also referred to within marketing circles as target buyer, target consumer, and a host of other epithets that ultimately amount to the same thing, is comprised of the ideal persona…

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Ways a Homebuilding Business Stands to Benefit from Working with a Digital Marketing Agency

By Ben Simon | May 17, 2019

Having built up a home building business from the group up is a formidable accomplishment. In our more and more technologically dependent landscape, it takes more than entrepreneurial skill to keep a business growing indefinitely. What it takes is a razor-sharp digital strategy, combined with on-the-nose branding and brought to life with professional copy and…

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How to Optimize Your Home Builder’s Website for Attracting Customers

By Ben Simon | May 8, 2019

In this day and age, when interactions become increasingly digital, a company’s homepage is its new front door. Your website is your new storefront, and it will determine whether visitors become loyal customers or disinterested passersby. That being said, the cyber-strip is crowded with appealing options for customers to visit, and it becomes increasingly difficult…

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A Home Builder’s Guide to Creating Content People Want to Read

By Ben Simon | May 3, 2019

A common saying among digital marketers is that content is king. This means that, no matter what good or service your business has to offer, the best way to build up your brand’s popularity among consumers is to produce appealing content. The question isn’t about whether or not you should create content for your home…

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How to Create a Social Media Account That Sets Your Homebuilding Firm Apart

By Ben Simon | May 1, 2019

There’s no overstating the power of social media over the way we communicate and interact – 77% of adults in the United States alone admit to having at least one social media profile. The popularity of social media channels for everyday interactions and consumerism alike make it essential for businesses to exist on social media.…

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Uniting Sales & Marketing: Collaborating on Buyers Profile

By Ben Simon | May 1, 2019

In a united company, true teamwork is baked into systems, processes, and goals. The sales department has an intimate knowledge of customers, and the marketing department can turn that data into stories. When these two teams share goals and work in communion, companies are able to attract more—and better—opportunities.

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Uniting Sales & Marketing: Reviewing as a Team

By Ben Simon | April 30, 2019
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