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Youtube Influencer Marketing Campaign

Our client, MetroPlaces, was looking to showcase their community's Lagoon lifestyle, Epperson. Our team strategically crafted a full-fledged Influencer Marketing Campaign with YouTube travel influencers and newlyweds, Griff and Alyssa, who fit the demographic and just happened to be in search of their first home!



Over a 4 month period, the Lagoon influencer video successfully promoted the Epperson community. The video was viewed by over 11,000 individuals on various platforms, while referring those who expressed interest in learning more (nearly 500 individuals) to the Epperson website in order to download a guide on “The Lagoon Life”.

The content from the video was then broken down into short segments to be used as Facebook lead generation ads. The ad campaign run for 2 months over which time it generated over 350 combined leads. The video continues to be viewed on Griff and Alyssa’s youtube channel as well as being hosted on the Epperson website and the Metro Places youtube channel.

Results Statistical Breakdown:

  • 11K plus views
  • 287 link clicks to 
  • 4.4% click-through rate 
  • 4.7K unique views 
  • Facebook Ads - Generated 378 leads 
  • YouTube referrals - 481 landing page views

Downloadable Lagoon Life Guide

Facebook Short Video Series

Facebook Ad Campaign

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