Refreshed Palladio Home’s brand identity that achieved the right results and attracted new customers.


To refresh the brand identity of Palladio Homes starting with an easily recognizable logo that would be brought up-to-date with a much needed face-lift, but without deviating entirely from what the brand represents.

We originally intended to refresh the website as well, but found that it was not user-friendly and never even really completed. Because we felt it important that every page make a strong impression and ensure that the content be properly developed and organized, it was necessary for a full redesign.



We had to consider that Palladio Homes’ brand is their image. Everything from the colors used to the fonts selected and of course the copy to be developed would affect people’s perception of who they are. But who were the people we were trying to reach? In order to begin we started by defining buyer personas, a useful tool to help understand customers including what influences and motivates their purchasing decisions. We needed to consider what we wanted these people to think when they see and navigate the new site. And then we explored how to convey those things through design. We started with a site plan that went into wireframe concepts, full color mock-ups with professionally written copy, and finally into development. Visit to see it for yourself.


The updated brand and new website was professionally designed to win the trust of customers, making a good impression on them when visiting the pages of well thought out, and visually pleasing content.


The new website provided all the needed information and it is now easy to navigate. With its modern navigation, it helps users explore the entire site with ease from one page.


With the brand refresh and new website design that has been established, brand consistency can now be carried on throughout all ongoing marketing efforts.


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