skyrocketed pdr to the role of an industry thought leader through the use of lindy the lien hunter character

Property Debt Research

PDR Academy was created to exist as a sub-brand under the Property
Debt Research moniker. It was still meant to hold an association to PDR and live as a link on PDR’s website, but PDR Academy established its own brand (with respect to PDR’s current brand) and created its own lighthearted, friendly messaging using a character that we developed named Lindy the Lien Hunter, a small, animated character that “searches for unrecorded liens” with the help of her magnifying glass.



The idea was to create a content repository and have finished content placed in reserve. In order to gather content, interviews were conducted with the PDR team as well as current and prospective customers on their pain points, successes, and anything else that could be turned into short blurbs of valuable content.


the academy

The Academy now offers a series of short animated videos, and infographics that address pain points within the industry. These videos have corresponding blog articles and have been supported by eblasts and social media that featured links directing the audience to the videos and blogs.




1. Increased website traffic: With its own brand, PDR Academy content was able to be found in other places on the web and was easily tied into the videos and blogs then linked to PDR’s website.


2. Automation: PDR Academy was placed on autopilot and updated with new content every 4 weeks or so.


3. High value: PDR Academy skyrocketed PDR to the role of an industry thought leader while making a somewhat dull topic become fun and more interesting through the use of the Lindy the Lien Hunter character.

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