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Winkler, Treger & Associates | Strat-CAT Solutions (WTA/SCS) are two separate brands, which has confused clients and customers and limits the range of services offered. Without a unified name, the company remains a mid-level claims provider that aims to grow and connect with top-national insurance companies like Zurich and Nationwide. The company must grow in order to compete at the level of top industry competitors such as Pilot and B&H.

A unified brand needed to be differentiated from the competition in order to highlight the ways your brand is unique in the industry. While the company has a great reputation, there is an over-reliance on referrals and word-of-mouth marketing with no real digital marketing strategy in place.



The goal of the rebranding project was to grow the
company by reimagining market positioning while
reinforcing values, culture, and work ethic.

Our team conducted deep-dive research to
develop the strategy for the brand so that
we could develop the following.

Customer Personas/User Journeys
Mission/Vision Statement
Brand Positioning Statement
Key Differentiators
Messaging Architecture
Name & Tagline Development
Logo Development
Corporate Identity & Brand Guidelines
Website Development & Launch


We created a communications deck prior to starting the design of the logos. While developing this, we wanted to start with why they do the things that they do, so we could frame the how and the what. This deck had some of the biggest success points for our work with the business, with the competitive advantages becoming one of the most value-driven items we presented, with the client saying that just the phrasing of “Buy Back Your Time” was worth the total expense of working with us.

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