Epperson is a brand new community in Wesley Chapel featuring a state-of-the-art amenity and the first of its kind in the US — a Crystal Lagoon.


In order to collect leads for the Lagoon’s exclusive Wait List, Epperson needed a comprehensive marketing strategy to contact prospective buyers.


That's where we came in.

Oppression community digital projects

Digital Deliverables


  • Targeted eblast sent to 50,000 micro targeted, prospective buyers
  • Digital banner ads
  • Social media retargeting ads including a YouTube ad
  • Landing page utilizing demo targeting and Google retargeting
  • Downloadable digital brochure

Epperson digital display

Epperson digital banner ads

Creative Process

With the Lagoon as the focal point of the Epperson brand, there was a glaring question to address:


 How do we build interest for this new community before its launch, and how do we turn that interest into leads?


We designed a lead-generating landing page to illustrate the exciting lifestyle offered at Epperson. We also created a Lagoon Living series that outlined the Lagoon’s unique features.

Epperson website and landing pages mock ups


  • 4,587,271 impressions through PPC and banner advertising
  • 2,150 leads on Lagoon Wait List in four month span
  • 1,162 leads on the Epperson website
  • 1.52% Click-Through Rate for our search marketing strategy
  • 18% email open rate, 13.6% HTML click-through rate (3x industry standard)


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