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Digital Marketing Coach & Founder of CEA Marketing

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Hi! I'm Kelly and it's my passion to help brands embrace technology and to not be afraid to try new things

Hi! I'm Kelly and I'm passionate about helping brands improve their future by fearlessly embracing The New. I share my experience to help businesses navigate digital transformation, master technology, improve customer engagement, increase revenue, and thrive in the modern digital marketplace. When my clients and followers succeed in their goals, I succeed in mine.

I've loved advertising since I worked at my hometown college radio station. I was programming music, theming shows, and creating promotions and jingles and was soon producing promotional videos for the sports marketing group.

It was the PR department of the New York Rangers that taught me that even in a fast paced environment in the media capital of the world, I could keep hundreds of TV stations, sports magazines, newspapers, and radio reporters constantly interested in and satisfied with our media. I learned that I was good dealing with tough people and demanding schedules and that I loved successfully selling myself and the product. When the time came, this experience more than any other told me I was tough enough to succeed as an ad agency owner.


When I moved to Tampa I began selling direct mail campaigns to car dealerships. Having never sold anything in my life I quickly decided that people don't really want to be sold to. Rather, they want to do business with someone they like, trust, and respect. I also learned that five silver dollars and a free hot-dog could bring hundreds of people in for a test drive and could sell 30 cars in a single day. Successes like these fascinated me and kept me thinking about other industries that could benefit from similar tactics. With inspiration from my sister's real estate business, I landed on my next target, home builders.

While my agency, CEA Marketing, began as a promotional group, we quickly grew into a full-service advertising and marketing agency creating campaigns for home builders. CEA's combination of deep industry knowledge and innovative marketing tactics kept our clients' model homes and showrooms full. We've worked with home builders of all sizes from custom builders to local builders to national builders like Pulte Homes, Lennar Homes, and DR Horton. Today CEA Marketing is the recognized leader in home builder marketing and promotions in Florida.


Over the last twenty years, both the real estate and marketing industries have experienced drastic and revolutionary changes. Through national economic downturns and technological upheaval, CEA continued to prove it could adapt rapidly and market hard. The digital revolution rewarded companies like CEA that showed early proficiency with the web, digital advertising, and social media. As we began to get more and more inquiries from outside the home building industry it was clear that our future was as a digital agency.

Today, CEA serves regional sized businesses competing to win market share from national companies by using digital. To maximize their success we help them shift not only their marketing, but their entire culture. From sales training to internal operations we teach companies to continually delight their customers by understanding and supporting the buyer's journey.

Over the years, I have had the honor of working with companies of all sizes and different types of brands and niches. I help companies create a marketing process and strategy with tactics that let their business compete in a very noisy space. Together we have worked through taking risks, trying new things and educating ourselves to stay relevant. My goal is to share the success I have had to the benefit of my clients. I am here to be a partner, a resource, and an indispensable person.

And the best part of all of it is, I get to do what I love everyday!

With CEA’s experience working with National companies we can help local regional sized businesses compete against the big guys and do it better.

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