Integrated Campaigns

Integrated Campaigns

Cheese is great but add macaroni and magic happens. Integrated marketing works on the same principle. By utilizing multiple marketing channels in a single campaign effort, Integrated Marketing Campaigns achieve results well beyond what a campaign executed on a single medium will. Gartner has determined thatcampaigns integrating 4 or more digital channels will outperform single- or dual-channel campaigns by 300%. That's some seriouscheddar.

It takes an experienced team to design a modern campaign and create the marketing content to drive it. CEA Marketing provides the experienced strategists and visual creatives that build anddeliver campaigns that connect with customers and drive the bottom line. We understandbusiness objectives, build amazing channel strategy, excel at the creative process, execute consistently across multiple mediums, andoptimizing with every iteration of the process.


CEA Marketing has created a logical, straightforward Integrated Marketing Campaign development process. We believe the key to campaign success is found by following six key steps. When companies know their audience, intelligently select their channels, communicate consistently, develop repurposable content, coordinate internally, and track and adjust campaign performance, integrated marketing campaigns perform to their potential.

Know Your Audience

CEA Marketing believes that every success starts with new learning. We begin the IntegratedMarketing Campaign development process by researching everything possible to understand the habits and preferences of the target market. Armed with that information we are equipped to design a campaign strategy and creative product that efficiently reaches our audience with a compelling and effective message.

Select Your Channels

While the market offers hundred of communications channels, the challenge is to only use the ones customers use. CEA Marketing helps our clients select relevant channels so they don't waste time and effort creating content and messaging for platforms populated by users without an interest in their products.

Be Consistent

In marketing, repetition is the key to being heard. Without consistency across channels, campaigns lose the benefit created byrepetition. We create campaigns with consistent messaging, themes, imagery, and experiences across multiple delivery medium to maximize our clients' reach and impact.

Develop Content to Repurpose

Content developed for Integrated Marketing Campaigns can be broken into bit-sized bits and used across multiple delivery media. Developing content with an eye to multiple uses createsefficiency and prevents message burn-out. CEA Marketing stretches marketing dollars to reach the maximum level of results by creatingrepurposable content for client campaigns.

Coordinate Your Team

Integrated Marketing Campaigns rely on the"integration" part. Creating a consistent message across every interaction a prospect has with a brand increases the effectiveness of the campaign. Communicating and coordinating company staff is critical to creating a consistent brand experience for integrated campaignperformance.

Track and adjust

CEA Marketing loves learning and believes that adjustment and improvement are critical to every marketing effort. As such, the final step of our Integrated Marketing Campaign development process is to learn what is working and make adjustments to future campaign components to maximize results.

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