Visual imagery and advertising have long gone hand-in-hand and full-service advertising agencies like CEA have lived on their ability to produce motivating photography and videos. Now, in the age of digital advertising and social media, visual communication is more important to successful marketing than ever. By empowering the public to explore their visual communication aptitude, mobile devices have raised the level of quality both possible and expected.

As a full-service marketing agency, CEA creates powerful, attention-grabbing visual imagery for our clients and integrates them into complete marketing programs.

CEA Marketing Adores Compelling Imagery

We love creating digital advertising, integrated marketing, social media campaigns, and inbound marketing programs filled with dramatic photography and engaging video. Why? Because visual communication simply makes all marketing work better.

Human brains are uniquely wired to process visual information. Because of this, photographic and video imagery have unmatched power to grab attention, speed up conceptual communication, create emotion, and spur action. Including visual elements in marketing increases a target's willingness to read by up to 80%, improves favorable reception of content by up to 40%, and generates 70% more shares when compared with text-only content.

With effects like those it's no surprise that CEA leverages people's preference for pictures in communication to build powerful digital and integrated marketing programs.


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Photography and Video Build Credibility

CEA Marketing recognizes that nothing matches photography and video's power to quickly create credibility for a product or an organization. Using them, we can carry a product from new idea to old friend in a prospect's mind in a span of minutes or seconds. Prospects and customers share visual content far more frequently than text content creating a dialogue and a feeling of recommendation between each other. Since consumers are as much as 85% more likely to purchase a product or service presented by video than by other methods alone, CEA leans on video to generate notably higher conversion rates.


Google Loves Video Content

Since Google's purchase of YouTube, videocontent affects search engine rank much more dramatically. Videos increase the amount of time visitors spend on a site signaling to search engines that the site has good content. Sites with embedded video are over 50 times more likely show up first on Google. For companies and organizations looking to increase their SEOperformance, video content quickly boosts the performance of an entire digital marketingprogram.

Video is Content Marketing Gold

Inbound marketing and content marketing are based on building trust and creating long-term relationships with prospects and customers. Video's unmatched ability to create credibility and trust significantly shorten the inbound marketing cycle and create a higher percentage of qualified leads. Companies and organizations that use video in their inbound marketing programs get 66% more qualified leads per year while achieving a 54% increase in brand awareness.

Not only does video improve inbound marketing program effectiveness, video does a great job of feeding prospects into an inbound marketing program. At 1.84%, video advertising has the highest click-through rate of all digital ad formats.


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Real Estate and Home Builder Marketing Requires Video

With a long history as experts in the Real Estate industry, CEA Marketing knows how to leverage photography, videography, and virtual tours across social media to generate more traffic to properties. Whether our clients are selling custom homes online, marketing new homes, or advertising real estate, we produce 360 images, virtual staging, 3d virtual tours, video walkthroughs, and drone photography to best present properties to prospects over digital and mobile media.

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