Reputation Management

Reputation Management

The Internet is radically different than it was just a few years ago. Companies that used static brochure websites to sell to passive audiences now find that engaging prospects and customers on social media, blogs, and review sites is vital to business success. On today's Internet just a few online voices can make or break your company’s reputation.


The Ten Commandments for Online Reputation Management

- Dan Virgillito

1. Become well respected
2. Be radically transparent
4. React quickly and politely
5. Address criticism
3. Monitor what they are saying about you
6. Treat your Google pageas your business card
7. Understand your detractors
9. Learn from your mistakes
10. Ask for help if necessary
8. Attack your illegitimate attackers

In an article on Neil Patel's blog, Dan Virgillito lists ten commandments for Online Reputation Management. Number ten, ask for help if necessary, means a call to CEA Marketing. CEA helps companies build, maintain, and repair online reputations through active social media content production, email campaigns, trigger-based website marketing, blog articles, media relations, and dozens of other active strategies.

Online Reviews

Build Reputation

In the context of reputation building, silence is deadly. People will naturally form and communicate opinions. Companies that actively encourage the creation and spread ofpositive opinions are taking steps to control their online reputation. CEA Marketing helps companies and organizations manage their online reputations by:

> Creating and Posting Content to Company Blog and Website

> Creating and Posting Content to Social Media Channels

> Actively Managing Industry Directory Listings

> Soliciting Customer Reviews

> Creating Positive Publicity

Companies that are not engaging in a minimum of three of these activities are leaving their online reputation at risk.

Maintain Reputation

Positive reputations can be as hearty as a cactus or as delicate as an orchid. They key to successful management is knowing what you can control, creating an action plan, putting the correct tools in place, and choosing the right agency partner. CEA Marketing is that partner.

CEA Marketing offers the following Online Reputation Management Tools and Services to help our customers' maintain their good names.

Avoid Mistakes

> don't pay for positivity

> don't astroturf

> don't feed the trolls

> don't lie

> don't be deaf

Review Monitoring

Never miss a word of new customer feedback with real-time customer review monitoring. Our reputation management tool allows customers to monitor all their reviews in a single location making the process of responding to customer feedback quick and easy.

Review Management

Imagine monitoring and responding to all new reviews generated from every site, all in a single place. Our review management tool streamlines the process and allows our customers to respond directly to reviews, problem solve proactively, and receive intuitive reporting based on customer feedback.

Review Marketing

Good reviews are good news and should be shared far and wide. With satisfied customer feedback as the fuel, we fire up our clients' SEO, accelerate their SEM, and engage their prospects on social media platforms and review sites. When an online reputation promotes itself, everything is easier!

Social Listening

Our Social Listening Tool monitors social media platforms and feeds for mentions of our customers' brands and products and provides real-time alerts to their social media teams. With our help, they never miss a word of customer feedback on social media, discover influential public conversations, interpret customer sentiment trends, and provide timely response to customer comments. CEA presents this information in a single location making social listening and response a powerful, efficient process.

Repair Reputation

Dissatisfied customers, disgruntled formeremployees, unhappy ex-vendors, or unscrupulous competition can all be the source of serious damage to a company's online reputation. No matter the source of negative reviews, hate sites, or negative media coverage, CEA Marketing can mitigate the damage.

Aggressive SEO

Most negative information about a company is accessed through search engines. When negative information impacts a company, CEA Marketing's first step in addressing the issue is crafting a search engine strategy the ensure the first two pages of Google results are positive information.

Review Removal

Reviews and feedback with false information, improper language, and obviously malicious motives can often be removed. Whether our clients achieve resolution by following a defined take-down process or by initiating legal action, CEA Marketing can help provide guidance and gather information to assist in positive resolution.

Counter Campaigns 

False information often withers in the light of the truth. CEA Marketing crafts campaignsdesigned to highlight the truth about our customers, their products, and their services. When the truth gets a loud enough voice, lies become apparent and lose their power.

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